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Welcome to the world of Tap2C

See more with Tap2C


Check in which magazines

You will find the world of Tap2C


Check in which magazines

You will find the world of Tap2C


Welcome to the world of Tap2C


See more withTap2C

What is Tap2C?

Tap2C moves from the classical world of printing and paper
to a digital multidimensional reality

We provide access to entertainment, information, promotions, contests, and even live broadcast, regardless of where You are!

If You see on any magazine or the package TAP2C logo, this means that You'll find an extensive world of interactive materials.

Tap2C is not just an app, it's connection between the real world an multidimensional, multimedial digital world!

Czym jest Tap2C?

Tap2C działa jak przenośny skaner, który wykrywa niewidoczne bez aplikacji specjalne materiały. Mogą to być filmy video, zdjęcia, adresy url, ale również promocje i konkursy.

Jeśli zobaczysz na dowolnym magazynie lub opakowaniu logo TAP2C oznacza to, że znajdziesz rozbudowany świat interaktywnych materiałów.

Tap2C to nie tylko aplikacja,to
połączenie realnego świata z wielowymiarowym, multimedialnym światem cyfrowym!

Download and run the free
app TAP2C available on
Google Play and AppStore

Scan cover

Find photos
marked with icons

When You see the icon,
tap it and enjoy additional

Incredible world of additional content

With Tap2C You have instant access to additional video, audio, photos and online stores. With our app You can see the backstage of the session, purchase described products at a special price or take part in the competition.

Tap2C is also used on the products. Now, thanks to our application, You can see an example of product usage, expert advice in the form of video or have simply help at hand in the form of a complete user’s manual.

Publishers and producers are full of ideas for additional material. You can be sure that with our application, You would be surprised multiple times with exclusive, multimedia content, promotions and surprises.

Fastest way
to get more!

 Download app  and discover it


Looks great, right? Don't wait, download app!


Does the app reads
barcodes and QR?

Yes, the app acts as a barcode
and QR scanner. You do not need to phone
any other code scanner.

Is it possible to use app

Of course.  Contact us 
to find out what solutions
we have.

Does every magazine has an
extended content?

No, only those magazines that
Tap2C logo on the cover.

How much is the app

It costs nothing. The app is
and will always be free.

Are there other costs?

Only related to the transfer of data 
according to operator tariff.

Will it work with
my phone?

The application supports most 
modern Android phones
and iPhones majority.
Details on Google Play and the App Store.

Watch Video

Check Tap2C in action!


  • Tap2C in lifestyle magazines

    World Tap2C is available in a growing number of titles, on the Polish publishing market. Publishing house Marquard Media Poland, in all its titles have decided to share to their readers the world of Tap2C, giving even greater number of photos, videos and special materials.......

Modern technology at Your fingertips, available as a free app for smartphones with Android and iOS.

Contact with us!


Loughborough Street,
London SE11 5RB,
United Kingdom,
Company Number: 9681154

Marcin Płassowski
tel: +48 660 524 215

Tap2C Office

Tap2C Office London

Loughborough Street,
London SE11 5RB,
United Kingdom